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We empower people
to make crypto investments with sustainability in mind.

Check out the world's first ESG rating of your favorite cryptocurrencies:


Our Approach

Our ESG rating is a relative ranking. The best cryptocurrency in each category receives an A rating, while the worst receives a D rating. 

Our Services

We use our ESG expertise to enable professional investors, asset managers, and crypto exchanges to provide sustainable crypto solutions to their clients. 

Our Thoughts

In our blog, we not only explain our ratings in detail but also discuss current topics such as green mining or the collapse of Terra UST.

Our Team

As specialists in various disciplines, we are united by the desire to build a sustainable foundation for the crypto world.

Let's create a new standard.

We believe that it is time for a new way of doing business. The guiding principles of the future economy are sustainability, traceability, and transparency. Our ESG ratings take this new value system into account and promote the development of sustainable crypto solutions.

Let's make it happen.

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