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Enabling people to make sustainable crypto investments 

The world's first ESG ratings for crypto assets - find out which currencies received top ratings:

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For a better risk-return

Our ESG Rating is designed to support professional investors evaluate the relative environmental, social, and governance risks of cryptocurrencies.

Learn more about how we assess risks.


We are opening up the crypto market to environmentally conscious investors, enabling crypto marketplaces and asset managers to tap into this customer group. 

ESG Ratings via API

Independent ESG ratings of over 70 cryptocurrencies, easily accessible through our API platform.

Investment solutions

Supporting asset managers in creating sustainable investment solutions based on our ESG ratings

ESG Advisory

Advising crypto projects on the way to sustainable solutions and identifying ESG factors to be improved

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As specialists in a variety of disciplines, our Switzerland-based team is dedicated to creating a sustainable foundation for the crypto world

Working with pioneering brands


Our why

Having observed the crypto space for nearly a decade, we see increasing concerns with the energy consumption of proof-of-work blockchains. Besides, projects with non-transparent governance structures and social intentions have brought about collapses like Terra Luna.

We see ESG ratings as a pragmatic solution for private and institutional investors to avoid projects with red flags and identify best-practice ones. This is also in response to SFDR, EU taxonomy and other regulations.

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We believe ESG risk metrics are central to identifying crypto assets that are here to stay.  Let's explore how you see this and if we can meet your and your customers' needs.

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