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Content creator, social media guru and life of any party. 

Isabel is an expert in digital marketing and pretty much anything else related to social media with 10 years of experience. She has worked in various industries and companies of all sizes in Asia or Switzerland. Isabel currently heads the marketing department of a consulting agency for real estate and is happiest when writing about smart buildings and decarbonization efforts. Recently, she discovered the art of baking and is evolving into a crafter of some amazing cakes and sweet treats. This new hobby is much needed to balance her huge appetite for all kinds of high-intensity workouts.




Cryptoenthusiast. 100% Vegetarian. 94.78% Vegan.

Cyril has 10+ years of financial sector experience in asset management, ESG research, and statistical modeling. Currently, he is the head of a data science team at a leading global investment bank. He codes in R and Python. In his free time, Cyril loves his wife and his sailboat; however, it is difficult to decide which one he loves more (according to his wife).




Food innovator, startup coach and living cryptopedia.

Dominik has more than 20 years of experience in financial services and asset management, most notably in estate planning and portfolio composition. He also has outstanding expertise in the development, testing, and implementation of investment strategies across all major asset classes. Dominik currently works as a senior expert in asset allocation at one of Europe's leading sustainable asset management companies. In his free time, he is - as he calls it - an avid kitesurfer. Everyone else in the team would rather call it absolutely crazy when watching his stunts and tricks. If he likes it a bit quieter, Dominik will run a casual marathon (in less than 3 hours) or quickly climb a mountain range before heading to the office.




Entrepreneurial mind. Enthusiastic about philosophy.

Tim has been working in tech startups since 2018. Prior to that, he founded his own company during his studies at the University of St. Gallen and wrote his thesis on blockchain startups, which led to his fascination with the blockchain space ever since. Seeing increasing ESG concerns in the crypto market, he is eager to help solve them. In his spare time, you might see him on a badminton court, in the mountains, or telling semi-hilarious jokes.

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