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Our team is made up of individuals who have had different trajectories, bring different expertise to the table, and thus view the crypto universe through a completely different lens. What unites us are our values and the passion for smart ideas that enable a sustainable future.

Team: Team

Content creator, social media guru, and life of the party. 

Isabel is an expert in digital marketing and pretty much anything else related to social media with 10 years of experience. She has worked in various industries and companies of all sizes in Asia and Switzerland. In her current role as Head of Marketing at a specialized consulting firm, she writes and speaks a lot about decarbonization efforts and carbon neutrality. She most enjoys her spare time laying in the sun with her nose in a great fantasy tome or on the Pilates Reformer.


Vegan crypto enthusiast, PS4 lover, and numerical juggler.

Cyril has 10+ years of financial sector experience in asset management, ESG research, and statistical modeling. Currently, he is the head of a data science team at a leading global investment bank. He codes in R and Python. In his free time, Cyril loves his wife and his sailboat; however, it is difficult to decide which one he loves more (according to his wife). If there's any time left to spare, he loves to spend it online, playing DeFi Kingdoms - for research purposes, of course...


Food innovator, startup coach, and living cryptopedia.

Dominik has more than 20 years of experience in financial services and asset management, most notably in estate planning and portfolio composition. He also has outstanding expertise in the development, testing, and implementation of investment strategies across all major asset classes. Dominik currently works as a senior expert in asset allocation at one of Europe's leading sustainable asset management companies. In his spare time he is an avid kitesurfer and loves to hone new stunts and tricks. 


Entrepreneurial mind and enthusiastic about philosophy.

Tim has been working in tech startups since 2018. Prior to that, he founded his own company during his studies at the University of St. Gallen and wrote his thesis on blockchain startups, which led to his fascination with the blockchain space ever since. Seeing increasing ESG concerns in the crypto market, he is eager to help solve them. In his spare time, you might see him on a badminton court, in the mountains, or telling semi-hilarious jokes.


Karate Kid and libertarian dreamer.

Luca worked in product management and business development in the pharmaceutical industry for several years before starting his Master's in Business Innovation.  When he's not in lectures or poking his nose into our ESG framework, he loves kicking butts in the dojo, lifting weights, and having political discussions. He believes, just as he did 10 years ago when he first heard about Bitcoin, that crypto will lead to a better and more decentralized world.


Ophelia | Automation

Numbers specialist, code acrobat and pastry chef.

Ophelia is a mathematician with a go-getter knack who finds poetry in all things abstract. She brings in her knowledge from TradFi in the algo trading sector, with the goal to make DeFi transparent and reliable for all, as well as create innovative investment ideas. When she leaves coding & math papers, you can find her swimming, dancing, boxing, or baking scrumptious cakes for her loved ones.


Linus | Tech

Cooking up code with a healthy dose of nature.

Linus is (so far) the odd one out in our team: he's still not quite convinced what to make of all this crypto stuff. Curiosity has gotten the better of him, however, and he brings his expertise to everything that has to do with the Internet, web apps, APIs, servers, and DevOps. Besides HTML and CSS he likes to work in the PHP environment with Laravel and Node.js. When he's not hitting the keyboard, he's most likely experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen or enjoying the great outdoors on the back of his horse.

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