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We source between 90 to 110 datapoints per crypto asset.

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ESG-compliant blockchains are better equipped to thrive in the long term. More and more individuals, as well as institutional investors, want their assets to have a positive impact on our planet, society, and people. Investing in ESG-compliant crypto selects those assets that are more likely to gain growing support, usage, and funding from future-oriented organizations, institutions, individuals, and governments.

Check out the ESG rating of 50+ cryptos:

Our ESG rating is a relative ranking, meaning that the best cryptocurrency in each category receives an A rating, while the worst receives a D rating. An average score is calculated for each category.


The overall rating corresponds to the worst ESG score so issues in a single category cannot be compensated for by good scores in the other two. Thus, if a cryptocurrency is judged not to be environmentally sustainable, it cannot make up for the poor rating with adequate social standards or good governance.

ESG explanaton


The environmental score in our GCR Sustainability rating illustrates the cryptocurrency impact on the planet. This not only refers to the actual energy consumption caused by the mining of cryptocurrencies, but it also involves the associated awareness and management to reduce emissions.

Rating categories

Can be held and traded without negative environmental or social impact within a governed framework.

A+ | A-
With potential

Low environmental and/or social impact with potential governance optimizations. Can be held and traded if there is no better alternative.

B+ | B | B-
Sustainability issues

Negative environmental and/or social impact expected with potential governance issues. Trading and holding are to be avoided if possible.

C+ | C | C-
Not sustainable

Negative environmental and/or social impact with potential deficiencies in governance. Trading and holding are to be avoided altogether.

D+ | D-
Ratin categories
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