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Data Access 
Our data is made available via API and can therefore be conveniently accessed at the touch of a button or integrated into customer portals. Learn more about what data is included.

Our ESG ratings for blockchains and crypto assets are reviewed every three months and all data points are verified every six months. By connecting to our API, you ensure that your data is always up to date and gain access to exclusive ESG data that is only available to our clients. 

The API data includes the following information per crypto asset:

  • Overall rating

  • Score per ESG dimension

  • Numerical score per ESG dimension ⭐

  • Historical data ⭐

  • ESG outlook for the coming months ⭐

  • Compliance with SFRD Articles 6, 8 and 9 ⭐

  • Compliance with the EU Taxonomy (do not harm) ⭐

  • Data quality

  • Date of last review

API exclusive

API Data.png

Historical Data

There are advantages to being the first: no other ESG rating for crypto assets goes back further than ours. Depending on when the first rating was published, our data goes back as far as 2021. With this information, conclusions can be drawn retrospectively about the link between ESG factors and performance.

The API shows all changes in the overall ratings and numerical scores per ESG dimension with a timestamp and records the development of the outlook over time.

Interested in our data? Contact us to discuss how our ESG ratings can help you develop sustainable crypto solutions for your clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

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